More than just words on a page, these ideas represent what it means to be a developing follower of Jesus Christ.

Connect means that you connected to God through a personal relationship with Jesus and that you are regularly connected to His church in worship.

Grow means you are becoming something in the context of other believers in a small group.  Whether its a youth group, small group, women’s group or some other group – if you have relationships forming, Bible study, prayer, encouragement and accountability – you are well on your way to growing.  We say it this way – circles are better than rows.  That’s because people are like bananas: they grow best in bunches!

SHARE is what I want to hone in on today.  Sharing our time, energy, experience, finances, gifts and talents for the cause of Christ and the benefit of others is another marker in the disciples life.  It is what is so truly remarkable about the church – people voluntarily giving of themselves in sacrificial ways.

We have that opportunity before us this weekend.  Starting tomorrow, it is “Tax Free Weekend” so that we can outfit our kids with backpacks, school supplies, neon shoes and super hero lunch boxes.  The opportunity is this – to buy for some of the kids in our church and community that don’t have a shot at any of those things.

We have compiled a list of links to the resources that you can buy.  Simply follow these links to learn what is needed:

JCCHS Supply List

West Jackson Middle School 7th Grade

West Jackson Intermediate School 4th Grade

Second Grade Supply List

East Jackson Comprehensive High School Supply List – two of these are needed – core classes only

I believe in the generosity of God’s people.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  My family has been the recipient of such generosity.  So, I’m going to thank you in advance what you are about to SHARE with those in need.