Group Life

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Small groups are the purest expression of the church. We call this expression GROUP LIFE, and we believe God intends every Christ-follower to participate.

Below, you will find several groups that are currently walking together in GROUP LIFE. If you are interested, ask the Lord to guide you to the perfect desired small group for you.

As you narrow down your small group options, consider adding IMPACT Discipleship to your small group choice. These are smaller groups of 3 to 4 that have been designed to make fully-trained disciples. Often, some of the same people that are in your small group will be in your IMPACT group as well. Simply request to join an IMPACT group, and the staff will begin the process for you.

There is also a third option for those willing to explore the possibility of becoming small group leaders. We call them GLs. In addition to your small group choice, request to join the GL in training team.


WE BELIEVE small groups are central in God's plan to reach the world with the gospel…. the good news about Jesus.


WE BELIEVE God desires every person to be saved and become a disciple.


WE BELIEVE the best way to make disciples is by walking in GROUP LIFE.

Therefore, we know that God has a group for you, whether it is at Crossroads or somewhere else, and we pray that God leads you to walk in GROUP LIFE.

Start Your Journey Today

Filter through the options below to begin or continue your GROUP LIFE journey.

Clicking JOIN simply sends an email to that group’s GL, making that group leader aware of your interest.

For more infomation, our Groups Pastor, Wright Humble, is always just one message away. Just email

IMPORTANT NOTE: A YES under CHILDCARE is not always an indication that childcare is currently provided for that group, but does signify that our team is open to the possibility of providing childcare should the need arise. Please check with the group leader before bringing your children.