Today’s Message

Series Overview: We asked for your favorite Bible passages. You responded. This message series includes selections of the most meaningful portions of God's Word to you, the Crossroads family. Our teaching team will be unpacking the meaning and implications of these treasured verses to our daily lives. Join us for "Favorite Passages" - a 4-week series of stand alone messages this June.

Today's Message: 06/17/2018
Part 2: Portrait of our Father

There will be at least 4 Bible stories that I will portray as each gives a picture of the Father. I will not read them but refer to them. Perhaps putting the reference to them would be helpful.

1. Feeding the Multitude. John 6:1-13
Our Father is a God of compassion.

2. Woman caught in act of adultery. John 8:3-11
Our Father is a safe God.

3. Calming of the sea. Mark 4:35-41
Our Father is a God of peace and rest.

4. Woman with the issue of blood. Luke 8:43-48
Our Father is a God of comfort.

5. The story of the prodigal son. Luke 15:11-32 Our Father is a redeeming God.




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